Writing Sample--Corporate Thank You

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The sample below was sent to the interviewer by email within 12 hours of the interview. This customized thank-you letter, combined with customized cover letter, tailored résumé, and good interview, led to a successful summer job offer with Nestlé. Only two positions were awarded to a pool of over 360 MBA students. The writer of this email was one of them.

Dear Rob,

Thank you so much for interviewing me this morning. I hope your first day recruiting on the Anderson campus was a fulfilling experience and that it made for an interesting comparison to recruiting in Chicago. I am very grateful for the time you spent here.

I would like to reinforce my enthusiastic desire to become a significant contributor to Nestlé's story of success. I can promise you that if Nestlé invests in bringing me on this summer, I will work extremely hard to expand upon the leadership and analytic skills that I built at The McLaughlin Group and at Access to make your investment meaningful and worthwhile.

Thank you again so much for your time and for considering my candidacy. I very much look forward to hearing from you on Monday.

My very best,

Steven Cohn


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